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Team MoTi


Karen Binkhorst

Founder and Innovator

Amy Burdick

Co-Founder and Instigator


Dave Riggleman

Co-Founder and Integrator

Chef Karen Binkhorst has been cooking for 40 years in establishments ranging from truck stops to fine restaurants. She has owned her Personal Chef business, Home Meals with Karen, for 22 years. Karen provides catering and culinary Instruction under the banner, Every Bite: How to get the most from your meals. She is also a teaching Chef at Blue Ribbon Cooking in Seattle.

Amy Burdick has over 30 years of professional experience in the fitness, sports & entertainment and nonprofit industries, she brings a passion for outdoor adventures. Her core values align completely with the company’s sustainability goals:
Leave the planet as you found it.

When she’s not talking up MoTi Meals at the office, she’s out on the trail enjoying her favorite MoTi Meal:
Southwest Chicken Alfredo.

Dave has 20 years of experience in the restaurant business, managing and operating several establishments. He’s also been in retail for over 20 years and is currently the General Manager of a convenience store chain.

As the “Integrator” for MoTi Meals, Dave is the glue that holds everything together. He is accountable for the P&L results, executes the business plan and keeps the leadership team on track.


Ruthie  C. Engeset

Visual Designer

A Pacific Northwest native, Ruthie is drawn to adventure, whether in a neighboring town, or a few times zones away. 


Mariesa Mahoney

Social Media Director

Mariesa's love for social media began with a YouTube experience in high school. She and a friend started a business out of their bedrooms that drove her passion for the entertainment industry.


Gail Terzi

Comic Creator

Gail Terzi is an artist and scientist who was born with a passion for nature.  She is an avid backpacker and camper.

madeleine headshot.JPG

Madeleine Smithberg


Carol Richardson Marty.jpg

Carol Richardson Marty


Madeleine moved to Seattle 3 years ago for love and turned a lifelong passion for cooking into a second career as a teaching chef at Blue Ribbon Cooking. It was there that she met Karen at Blue Ribbon and soon became a part of the MoTi meals team. 

Carol Richardson Marty is the MoTi Meals food photographer extraordinaire! Carol is a Seattle based, Southern-raised cook, who is an award-winning culinary photographer and cake decorator.

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