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We believe great meals should happen anywhere – on the trail, the backcountry, the road or even in the office. Designed for active adventurous eaters, our premium dehydrated meals and snacks provide hearty fuel packed with bold, delicious flavors. Just add hot water to the biodegradable pouch and your meal awaits in just 15+ minutes. Prep on the stove top and it’s ready in 10.

Equally important, is our commitment to the planet. It influences every decision we make. From our production process to our biodegradable packaging and stellar ingredients, every step is taken with love and awareness. Meals made simply. Mother Earth approved. 

The Meals

new to the family


A long time in the making, we're pleased to introduce this spicy East Indian dish that brings comfort food to another level. Lentils, lamb, potatoes, spicy curry...yaaaas. 



Our Story

Preparing for a six-week trek on the Pacific Northwest Trail, Chef Karen Binkhorst set her sights on finding quality, hearty, food to fuel her body. Unimpressed by what was available, she created her own dehydrated meals, shoved them in zip-lock bags, and set out on her trip. Her lifelong love of cooking and passion for the outdoors had collided in a big, loud, Karen Binkhorst way. 

MoTi Meals was born on that trip. Chef Karen had found an underserved niche that she was uniquely equipped to fill. Eat well, eat delicious, eat MoTi Meals!

Seattle, WA

We loved the Dodi's Couscous Chicken. Awesome Moti Monster!

Philadelphia, PN

Grabbed this MoTi Meal before heading to a hospital visit. The pandemic has left visitors with vending machine fare only. This was a life-saver and so EASY!

Lake Stevens, WA

We've been eating MoTi Meals during our move. Quick, convenient, no fridge needed and so TASTY!!!



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